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Harvard MD, Married to MD, Mother to Four (Busy Lady), Associate Director of Skin of Color Division, U of Miami Frost Dermatology, Board Advisor

Beyond Theory

While at Harvard, Dr. Laura Scott researched and developed her passion for the interplay between the immune system and our skin. She’s published in esteemed scientific journals like Science Translational Medicine and Journal of Investigative Dermatology, and mentored pre-med, medical students and dermatology residents. Meanwhile, back at home she’s CEO of home Inc., raising four spirited kiddos (nap time yet?!), and lending wellness and lifestyle advice for her growing following online.

Motivations & Rewards

Family, fashion, inspiring inner-beauty, and yes, much-needed Mama-time. She’s also the Associate Director of the Skin of Color Division at UM Frost Dermatology, and served on task forces in the Skin of Color Society as well as the Women’s Dermatology Society—which means the world to our Element X™ family with melanin-rich skin.


A Trusted Voice

You can also find her featured in Vogue, Elle, Forbes, Women’s Health and Parents Magazine and consulted for global brands like Origins, L’Oreal, Unilever, Ulta, among others. Follow Dr. Laura (and her dynamic life & kiddos!) on Instagram, YouTube or her blog.

Element X Excellence

Our anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties make them uniquely effective treatment regimens for eczema, acne and residual dark spots, and myriad other skin concerns. Dr. Laura’s expertise (and personal philosophy) aligns beautifully with our mission—to effectively address skin imperfections across a spectrum of skin tones that ultimately, helps restore self-confidence. A natural educator, inspiration, and force for inner Beauty, we’re excited to welcome Dr. Laura to our team.